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Welcome Hofmann Hots, serving "America's Greatest Hot Dog". Hofmann Hot dogs are gluten free, no artificial colors, flavours or preservatives... just made with LOVE since 1989. Our Hots' buns are made fresh on-site daily. The Hofmann name represents over 134 years of using quality meats and spices to produce uniquely flavored German Franks. We have perfected our technique over time with approximately 100 million "Franks" sold in our history, making Hofmann one of the oldest and most trusted sausage companies in the United States. Our Hofmann team prides itself on still doing things "right" and the old fashioned way, while continually meeting changing consumer lifestyles and taste preferences. The definite advantage of Viagra drug comparing to other drugs of this kind lies in the fact that these drugs are not addictive, even after prolonged use. The drug Generic Viagra Online (Sildenafil Citarate 100mg) are not able to increase the sexual desire (libido), they help men achieve a natural erection and maintain it for sexual intercourse. Read more: